Yıldırım Yazganarıkan is an architect/designer based in Washington DC. He explores innovative solutions in architecture, industrial design, and software technologies. Yıldırım currently focuses on FileMap, a software startup working on versatile user interfaces and digital collaboration environments for professionals across creative industries.



Current Projects and Startup Involvements


FileMap (Software Startup):

FileMap is a file management and collaboration software for visual thinkers. The tool provides a flexible zooming UI to organize the file system while ensuring a centralized environment for creative team collaboration.

3D sketching Device (hardware + Software Startup):

3D Sketching device enables the user to sketch on virtual 3D space.

VR 3D Modeling Tool (UI Design)

3D Modeling software for virtual reality.

Livi (Product Design Startup):

Livi is a practical and playful planter. This is a collaborative project between Yıldırım Yazganarıkan and Prof. Hooman Koliji under CREO.



Research Areas


Flexibility in Architecture

How to make architecture more flexible to create adaptive spaces both for our minds and bodies?

Implementing Technological Innovations to Architecture

How to apply existing technological innovations to architecture?

Alternative Transportation Technologies

What alternative transportation systems can remodel our cities for a better future?

Idea Representation Techniques and Graphical User Interfaces

What alternative techniques, tools, devices, and user interfaces can we invent to achieve more efficient and practical ways to represent ideas, projects or processes?

Education Technology and Architecture

How to better address education by connecting the current knowledge ecosystem with innovative architecture?

How to integrate work spaces into accommodation, education and leisure?

Economy 2.0

What will be the role of humans in an automated and AI-driven future?

How to sustain the humankind for the next 100 years with “fair” welfare policies?

Architectural Experiences and Cognitive Science

How can we quantify, visualize, and map the human brain’s biological responses especially when the subject is exposed to architecture-related stimuli?

Using Animation Tools for Form Finding Processes

How to optimize existing CAD software for form finding purposes? 

Repurposing Game Engines

How to use game engines for design and visualization purposes?

Imagination and 3D thinking

How to think and meditate to sustain enhanced and more vivid imagination?

How to better manipulate geometry in our minds?






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