The Flexible Campus

-Architecture project
-Academic work: 2013, Istanbul
-Instructor: Sevinc Hadi

This project aims to provoke rethinking the relationship between space technology and education.

The Flexible Campus is a technologically enhanced social learning environment. The project is a product of two parallel investigations in architecture; alternative educational models and alternative high-speed modular construction techniques.

This project applies the principle of 3d printing into the architectural scale. 80 % of the campus area is protected with a triangular roof structure working both as an environmental control layer and a rail network for the CNC module-transportation arms. These arms transport triangular modules to create a constantly changing architectural fabric. The modules come in different sizes, material compositions and mechanical infills. Modules are being transported from one place to another according to the dynamic educational schedule. The system is influenced both by the perceivable inputs created by the tutors and the schedule system. A non-linear AI will collect all the inputs from the campus environment including schedules, dialogues movements, gestures, vocal commands and responding to this context accordingly. Besides the change in geometry, additional layers of information such as projections and sounds will help to bridge the gap between human intelligence and architecture.