Transportation Network

This project aims to illustrate an alternative transportation system where the transportation is achieved via a rail network reaching every private or public building unit. In this system, centrally controlled, high speed and light weight capsules are transporting not only humans but also any kind of cargo. This project can be viewed as the "internet of physical objects".The transportation of any object or person will occur without any interruption, the rail extends all the way to private units. For example, the user can summon a capsule to his/her unit and move to any other place in the network. The project also defines a 40-year plan designed to gradually replace the existing car-dependent transportation infrastructure.




Small town: first prototype application of Rail Network


Comparison: now vs fully transformed city


inefficiency in terms of space use and weight


Car vs Rail Network: Compactness, efficency and speed


Metro vs Rail Network: Interruption and dependency to other transportation systems vs uninterrupted direct connection


Current status vs Rail Network


40 year transformation plan: from the current transportation infrastructure to the Rail Network